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    Traffic signs ensure the safety of all road users in public traffic areas: they regulate priority, warn against dangers or indicate the right way. Traffic signs only fulfil this function if they are clearly visible by day and night. A STOP sign and signs pointing to children playing or to a pedestrian crossing are good examples of how to warn of dangerous situations in road traffic. If these signs are no longer visible, they pose a safety risk.

    Stickers and graffiti on traffic signs are therefore not only a nuisance as they spoil the cityscape. They make signs unrecognisable and can lead to dangers in road traffic. This is why federal states and local authorities are obliged to regularly monitor traffic signs for dirt and damage. Applied stickers or smeared traffic signs must subsequently be replaced or cleaned under high effort. As an example hotspots such as football stadiums have seen the problem of stickers increase significantly in recent years. This represents a financial challenge for local authorities, because repeatedly signs have to be cleaned or replaced to ensure road safety.


    Innovation & Protection

    Traffic signs, which are constantly damaged by sticker vandalism and subsequently regularly replaced can be protected. The result is a considerable extension of the traffic sign functionality – by day and by night. The protective laminate Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film is already applied to the outer surface during the production of the traffic sign. Moreover, it is also possible to upgrade existing traffic signs that are already in use. Stickers do not adhere to the protective film or are rinsed off with the next rain shower at latest. In addition, graffiti can be safely removed with a special cleaning agent without great effort.

    The finely structured surface of the protective laminate ensures that stickers do not adhere strongly and guarantees that they are removed without leaving any residue in the shortest possible time. The innovative protective film pays off especially at so-called hotspots, i.e. places where stickers are applied to traffic signs or smeared particularly often. Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film ensures that the appearance of the traffic sign is permanently protected. The protective laminate is an excellent alternative to the early replacement of a traffic sign. To order the test kits please click here.


    The video on the right shows a traffic sign where the lower area is protected by Astifol® Anti-Sticker film. While stickers in the upper area cannot be removed, a short puff of air is enough on the protected area and the stickers fly away. In practice, stickers hardly adhere to protected surfaces or are rinsed off with the next rain shower.

    Sustainability & Municipality

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    Traffic signs and signposts are a fundamental part of municipal infrastructure. Street furniture and information media in public spaces give the city its face. In the interests of the future-oriented and sustainable development of towns, municipalities and rural districts, the aim must be to use traffic signs in particular in accordance with the length of the guaranteed lifetime.

    The reality is that the maintenance of traffic signs and municipal infrastructure burdens municipalities with ever increasing costs. One reason for the rising costs is damage caused by stickers and graffiti, which often results in the replacement of the sign. Sticker vandalism is therefore not only expensive, the consequences also run counter to the goal of sustainable municipal management. The use of the protective laminate Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film - especially on "endangered" traffic signs - is a targeted measure that permanently reduces costs and the use of labour. Do you have any questions? Please contact the Astifol®-Service..

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